WELCOME TO Beach Bungalow Inn & Suites

Hello Friends,
In this time of heightened awareness, we wanted to let you know that we are doing everything we can to make this time of emergency go as smoothly as we can.
To that end, we are offering free cancellations to our friends in the Schengen countries. All reservations for the next few months are gladly postponed with no penalty. If you can prove that you cannot make it down here in the next year or so, there is only a $57 ($50 +tax) penalty per night. California residents are being given full credit for the future.
If we do our civic duty and keep our contact to a minimum for now, this will all blow over much quicker.
To that end, (and as always), we are keeping safety first. We are cleaning/sanitizing as normal, as well as spraying guest rooms and common areas liberally with alcohol and adding bleach to every wash. When possible, we will check you into a room that has had a long as possible to air out (often days at this point).Stayover service is simplified. We do not want to enter your door more than absolutely necessary. Younger people are generally asymptomatic but may be highly contagious nonetheless.
Breakfast will be postponed for now. We'll give you a bottle of wine and some sanitizer to help you practice social distancing by the comfort of our fireplaces or on a nice picnic on one of SLO's many green mountaintops. Apologies, but we are taking no chances with your health and safety.
Again, we are a small, family, service-oriented business, and we feel for all of you. We also had big plans fall through this season. We are all in the same boat right now. Please be patient as we slough through your many requests right now. And remember, this will pass. Perhaps planning a nice trip in the future will ease the discomfort we feel now.

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